For those unfamiliar with the industry, you may be asking yourself…

What is a Stocker Buck?

Simply put, a stocker buck is a male deer that shows desired genetic traits. Ranches like us use stocker bucks to produce generations of prized bucks. White Ghost Ranch is the leader in stocker buck breeding, so there’s no better place to get your hands on some top-of-the-line Texas stocker bucks.

Our years of experience and our understanding of these animals, combined with our leading-edge breeding facility, produce Texas stocker bucks that will help take your herd to the next level. These superior whitetail genetics will drastically increase the number of trophy bucks in your population in just a few generations.

We judge our high-quality stocker bucks on firm criteria when we considered them for breeding. We go through a multiple-point inspection that considers deer weight, size, Boone and Crocket score, points, and the current health of the animal. When a buck meets our standards for exceptional genes, we match him with well-bred does to product generations of outstanding Texas whitetails.

Another big factor that makes our deer stand out is the environment in which we raise them. Our ranch is in the heart of the Texas Hill County. The raw topography and wide range of our property allows these deer to grow to record-breaking sizes. We offer some of the best stocker bucks in the industry thanks in part to the area’s pristine nature.

One of the fastest ways to improve the quality of the deer on your ranch is to purchase does and bucks with great marketable genetics. You can then breed your deer to high quality bucks to ensure the best hunting in the future. White Ghost Ranch specializes in providing stockers with pedigrees that are packed with industry leading genetics. If you are interested in purchasing stocker bucks or does, contact us for more information.