The following is an introduction
to our very Special Friends that hunted on the White Ghost Ranch.
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We are bonded together; with a deep respect and love for the great outdoors. Each one of these Angels has touched our lives in a very special way and we have forever been changed. We want to thank each one of them for their compassion and their remarkable strength to fight the good fight.

We are blessed to be able to grant this to these children with life threatening illnesses, disabilities and challenges.

The Ultimate Hunting!

What we offer does not just consist of a hunting opportunity, it is the ULTIMATE HUNT! Combine the location, the exceptional hospitality, with the best selection of well-managed whitetail trophy deer, and you have just written a formula for the Perfect Hunting Package!

In 1992, all deer were put on an extensive year around nutritional program with high-grade, customized high protein feed, to produce top, quality, exceptional, trophy deer who have been allowed to grow to full maturity. The game fence which surrounds the White Ghost Ranch lends towards the maintaining, breeding, feeding, and most of all the retaining of these massive deer for your hunting experience.

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